January 26, 2008

Latest Pics of Mo Chada from ThaiCuties.com

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Mo Chada Showing her tits

Mo Chada is one of my all-time favourite girls. It’s not just that she has the single greatest pair of Asian boobs you’ll ever see, also the rest of her matches perfection: she’s slim (but non in a too extreme way), has a perfect face which you actually can remember and poses in a very professional manner, but still not rejecting as most models are.

You’ll find a lot of pictures of Mo Chada at ThaiCuties.com, but they also offer you loads of galleries of other sexy Asian girls, as well as hardcore videos, and all that for a reasonable price. I never thought I would actually spend money on porn, but this site is absolutely worth it!

Click here to take a tour through ThaiCuties.com!

January 12, 2008

Innocent Asian Babe Posing

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Jenny Lee from ThaiCuties.com

Once in a while, I can’t stop looking at a girl, and once again time has come. This girl’s name is Jenny Lee, I found her at one of my favourite websites, ThaiCuties.com. Maybe it’s just the pink clothes, or the way she poses – showing something, but not showing everyting -, but the first thing that came into my mind when I saw this Asian cutie’s gallery was: wow, what an innocent girl. But often when you expect a girl to be the innocent kind of person, she turns out to be wild (especially when it comes to having sex with her…).

If you like what you see in this gallery, you should definitly take a tour through Thai Cuties. They offer tons of pics and videos, all in high quality, and they update their site on a regular base. Of course a quality site like this can’t exist without charging something, but I think the 30 bucks a month are absolutely worth it.

September 8, 2007

Kee Wisa from ThaiCuties.com

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Sexy Thai Girl Kee Wisa

Today, another e-mail containing the latest updates of ThaiCuties.com rushed in and I could of course not resist taking a look at them. And again, I got caught by one of those galleries, and it’s the one of Kee Wisa. My first thought was “What a slut!” (slut having a positive meaning), and I obviously was attracted by that (perhaps it’s about her lips). Somewhere I wrote that I like shy girls, but evidently my taste varies – so sometimes I like those dirty girls. Maybe that’s what some people like about porn – not the sexual act itself, but the fact that the (preferably Asian) girl does not seem to care that she’s getting fucked on camera and then receiving a cumshot in her face.

Well, when thinking about it I might add another gallery, so that if your inner appetite for Asian hardcore was inspired you have something to look at. The girl is called Gianna and the preview gallery was taken from AsianParade.com, a site that is focusing on high-quality hardcore movie content (actually, they do have photo sets going along with each movie, too) rather than what I would refer to as some kind of art, so it’s ideal for some days. Here’s a preview pic for the gallery:

Asian slut Gianna getting banged

Gianna, who is wearing a red tight corset, has a shaved pussy, small tits and altogether a rather tiny appearance. She obviously enjoys getting fucked, and in the end she sucks her guy off so he blows his load all over her face (I watched this episode in the members area, and she really has an interesting method of giving a blowjob).

September 2, 2007

Kee Onnapha Getting “Wet”

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Thai Girl Kee Onnapha

University starts tomorrow for me, so I decided I had to look for some Asian girl to sort of look at. This gallery, one of the latest updates of Thai Cuties, grabbed my attention. The girl is called Kee Onnapha – not that I knew that name, but I’ll definitly remember it for a while. Judging her bit per bit would result in a pretty average judgement (beautiful, that is): body shape – not too skinny, just right; boobs – well formed, nice nipples; ass – round and perfect; face – teasing expression, without mistakes. Why do I call that average? Look at the other galleries I have posted – all “bits” of all those girls are “perfect”, I’m rarely able to say “hey, but her [xyz] is ugly”, but it’s the combination of those bits that make a girl interesting. Confused? Yeah, me too.

So what do we find in Kee Onnapha’s gallery? What I’d call an extra bonus is that she’s got wet hair which makes her look even sexier – she poses under a sprinkler, having her wet hair partly cover her tits. The Thai cutie is wearing some white panties, which give her a somewhat innocent look, which doesn’t really fit to her facial expression – the latter fits better when she takes it off and her hairy natural pussy is revealed…

If you liked this gallery, you might want to consider having a look at its full version at ThaiCuties.com, where you find lots of high quality sets like this one as well as full length hardcore videos to grant you variety!

August 5, 2007

Busty vs. Tiny: Asian Boobs

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Tiny Asian Boobs - Lin Lin

On those male-only evenings, a subject often discussed is whether you prefer busty or tiny girls. Most people would say that an average male person prefers huge boobs, but according to my experience do actually not care – as long as they fits to the rest of the body (and as long as it’s not too extreme). However, maybe things are different with Asian boobs since Asian girls usually are rather of the tiny type and people are always looking for rare things. But  then again, maybe it’s excactly that tiny type that makes those cuties attractive…

To help you to find out what you think on this subject, I’ve set up this Asian boobs competition: I grabbed two galleries from the same site (thaicuties.com) to make sure that the quality of the pictures is the same high quality – one of Lin Lin, representing the tiny boobs girls, and one of Ploy Sirinda, standing in the busty girls corner. Honestly – judging only from their tits, I would never be able to decide who to hit first.

If you want more galleries, let me recommend you the following: For tiny girls, take a look at my prior posts on Joon Mali and Lily Koh, two Thai teens who have their own websites. If you want to see more of a busty girl, take a look at one of my favourite Asians ever – Mo Chada.

July 25, 2007

Busty Asian Mo Chada Fishing

Category: Asian Softcore, Mo Chada, Thai Cuties — donBorno @ 11:41 pm

Thai Cutie Mo Chada

My regular audience does already know I’m a fan of Mo Chada and I’ll never not (double negation, damn) post her latest update – she’s simply more than worth looking at and not one of those Asians an unpractised idiot might say about “they all look the same”. One does remember her.

This time she takes us out for some fishing, dressed in a red top and black shorts. Mo Chada’s huge tits make her shirt seem to tear at any moment, but she shows mercy with it and pulls it off her breasts. I wasn’t able to find an execuse like that for her slowly taking off her panties, but I’m now in the position of not questioning anything anymore – she’s simply hot, and catching a glimpse at her pubic hair makes the thing even worse for me… Fortunately, in the end, she grants us a view of her hairy asian pussy… Well, enough of talking, you need to have a look at Mo Chada’s gallery by yourself.

You find more preview galleries of Mo Chada in the corresponding category, and for the real thing make sure you visit Thai Cuties.com!

July 10, 2007

Thai Cutie May Supha Posing Nude

Category: Asian Softcore, Thai Cuties — donBorno @ 11:50 pm

Checking my stats, I see that lots of people who were searching for Thai Cutie May on Google are coming to my humble Asian blog, which, however, did not contain any galleries of May so far – a drawback I had to eliminate, since it’s in my interest not to disappoint you, and at last, I liked May’s gallery by myself – but what am I not in favour of as long as there are some tits in it ;-) She poses outdoors in a green dress, but not for long – the Thai Cutie lets its top slip down and bares her nice Asian tits, and that’s about the point you should stop reading and switch over to enjoying the gallery… Oh, and you might need the link – here you go.

And if you’re still thirsty for more Asian softcore pictures and hardcore videos, you should always consider taking a look at what Thai Cuties.com has got for you.

June 24, 2007

Hot Thai Teen Joon Mali

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Joon Mali

Originally I intended to post an Asian hardcore gallery today, but when I came across one of the latest galleries of Joon Mali, I had to change my plans – I fell in some kind of temporary love. Fortunately, this is nothing to worry about since the Asian teen is as sexy as in every single Joon Mali gallery I’ve seen so far: It’s one of the few non-nude sets I’ve ever posted, but looking at Joon Mali posing in those white panties makes me horny enough – from time to time imagination is more powerful than being able to see everything (let me refer you to my prior posts if you are here to see some Asian pussy). I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to pay Joon Mali’s official website a visit!

June 17, 2007

Asian Hottie Lily Koh Posing in a Bikini

Category: Asian Softcore, Lily Koh — donBorno @ 9:45 pm

Hot Thai Girl Lily Koh

Here’s the latest update by one of my favourite Asian hotties – Lily Koh. It won’t surprise you, but I have to say it’s hot as always: Lily poses in a bikini top and a naughty mini skirt, which from time to time allows to get a glimpse of the string tanga she’s wearing underneath. However, it doesn’t take long until she takes off that sexy, but unnecessary piece of denim, and, for the sake of us, the bikini top has its ass in the line, too, so finally she grants us a view of her gorgeous perky tits…

Click here to join Lily Koh’s official website!

June 11, 2007

Busty Thai Girl Naked

Category: Asian Softcore — donBorno @ 2:17 pm

Busty Asian Chick

Let me get back to the beauty of pure Asian erotica: Even though today’s gallery has a lot of nudity in it, it’s not “dirty” in any way. It’s just something beautiful to look at, some kind of art, something we simply can enjoy (in many ways ;-) ). Thai Cutie Lydia Nitta is standing in front of her window, just in panties and a tight top. After baring her huge perfectly shaped tits in a speedy manner, the Asian hottie decides to show us her pussy and puts of her panties, while her facial expression tells us that she knows exactly how much her audience likes her incredibly hot body. To give us the possibility of judging her as a whole, she turns around and gives us a view of a perfectly round Asian ass…

Click here to see more of Lydia Nitta!